Hinterland is a poem that you play. Begin your journey upstairs at Forest Fringe, receive your first canto, and go into Edinburgh, seeking conversation with a stranger. If you manage it, that conversation will yield words for the Operator, who will repay you with a reading that is yours and yours alone.

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Recent cantos

If you do not wish (or are unable) to play yourself, you can experience Hinterland vicariously by listening to the cantos below.

WARNING: Do not listen to these if you plan on playing Hinterland at a later time. The Hinterland might come to your home town one day. Think carefully.

Canto 1
Listen to a Canto 1 reading Listen to a Canto 1 reading.
Canto 2
Listen to a Canto 2 reading Listen to a Canto 2 reading.
Canto 3
Listen to a Canto 3 reading Listen to a Canto 3 reading.
Canto 4
Listen to a Canto 4 reading Listen to a Canto 4 reading.

News from the Hinterland

  • 6 days in

    And The Hinterland is creaking at the seams. Over a hundred players have now entered The Hinterland. So far, five hardy adventurers have progressed as far as Canto 3. No-one has made it to the centre. Yet.

    2:08pm, 20 August 2011
  • The Hinterland is now open

    The Hinterland is now open, at the Forest Fringe (Bristo Place, EH1 1EY). Please come collect a booklet of instructions from the upstairs office. Access is free but spaces are limited.

    10:14am, 14 August 2011

Progress through the Hinterland

Canto 1
73.568281938326 of players
Canto 2
18.5022026431718 of players
Canto 3
3.08370044052863 of players
Canto 4
of players
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  • Jerwood
  • Escalator
  • Lottery
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