Frequently Asked Questions

(If your question isn't here, please email us at hinterland@hideandseek.net and we'll do our best to respond)

What is Hinterland?

Hinterland is a long poem in four parts. As you seek the poem, it changes, responding to your actions.

How do I get started?

Your journey into The Hinterland starts upstairs at the Forest Fringe (Bristo Place, EH1 1EY). Come to collect a booklet of instructions from the upstairs office, and register your details with us.

You'll able to register between 12 & 6pm on the following dates; 15 - 20th August / 22nd - 25th August.

What do I have to do?

These instructions lead you out into Edinburgh, in search of a stranger. The stranger has a particular quality that you'll need to find in order to prevail. Together, you and the stranger will have to complete the questions printed in the booklet, then phone through the answers to a special phoneline.

Soon after, you will have a reading of a poem sent back to your phone: a canto from The Hinterland, created in response to your answers.

At that point, you can return to Forest Fringe, to advance your avatar and collect the next booklet.

Is there any charge for taking part?

There is no charge, but you will need to pay for your own calls which are charged at your provider's rate.

Do I need a fancy phone?

You don't. All you need to do is make and receive telephone calls, and receive text messages.

Can you email me readings?

We can't, but you can access all the readings you've created at your personal page at hinterland.hideandseek.net/poems/WXYZ. You'll need to replace WXYZ with the four letter code that you were given when you signed up for the game.

How quickly can I expect to receive my reading?

The Hinterland cannot guarantee readings within a certain period. It isn't as good as Amazon Prime, for example. However, during office hours, we hope the Hinterland will deliver your reading quite quickly.

Do I have to do the missions at a particular time?

No, you can do the missions at any time - you don't have to rush! Please note that If you complete the mission in the middle of the night, your reading won't come back to you until the morning.

How long does it take to complete?

This depends on how quickly you progress through the four parts (you don't have to rush), but if you were to attempt to complete the whole thing without stopping (and you received your readings very quickly), we estimate that it would take between ninety minutes and two hours.

Can I use payphones to dial in my answers?

No. The Hinterland recognises you from the number of your mobile phone, which must remain consistent at all times.

Is there a prize?

There isn't a prize as such, but the reading for Canto 4 is pretty amazing.

Can you do it in teams?

There's nothing to stop you doing it in a team, but you will need to elect a team leader and user their phone throughout. We should advise, however, that the Hinterland can become quite personal and if you are not the team leader you might feel left out.

Do I have to complete all four missions?

You don't, but then you won't know how it ends.

Can I play the games outside of Edinburgh?

Sadly not. You are able to listen to other canto readings on the homepage, but please note the warning.

Are the readings that I create private?

No. All readings that you create are published online at a personalised URL. These pages will not show up in search engines, so unless you share the URL with others, it is unlikely that others will find it. However, they are on the internet, and therefore public.

When you register, you will be able to opt out of having your readings published on the home page and used in the Hinterland installation, if you so wish.

Do you take any responsibility for what happens while I am talking to strangers?

No. We urge you to use your judgement in terms of who you talk to and how you approach them, and to exercise caution at all times. If you need further guidance, please watch this instructional video.

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